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Indoor netball is a fun and exciting easy to learn game for people of all ages and abilities

The game is a hybrid of netball and basketball. it is based on the principles of seven aside netball with basketball type rules, such as 2 point shots out side circle and continuous restart after goals are scored.

The different positions on the court allow for friends and family of different abilities, to play together in a fun and exciting game. This makes it an excellent mixed sport

The game is played in 4 by 8 minute quarters, which means it fits into today's busy modern lifestyles.

This is a ball game using reflex skills honed over time. Combined with an adoption of outdoor cricket skill likened to a hit and run situation. Subject to ability, kids can start as young as 6 years to as old as you like. The older juniors are also encouraged to play mixed or low grade men's. Females are well catered for with ladies and mixed competitions and some even play full-on in men's grades.


Our Soccer competition is a 4 a side game with up to four subs. The game is played on a single court and consists of 2 fifteen-minute halves. It is played on an Indoor Cricket/Netball court, which is fully surrounded by nets. Indoor Soccer is a very fast and exciting game as the ball is continuously in play. The 4 players on court must include a goalie and 1 player must stay in the attacking half at all times. This allows players to have more space to move, and gives the attacking side the opportunity to have a three on two situation to score. When substituting you must let the umpire know and when the goalie has possession of the ball the umpire will allow substitution of players.
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